Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

The day I caught a glimpse of you,

is the time you entrapped me with your alluring gloom.


It was an honor to be given a chance to be with you,

whenever you needed someone to feed you,
to cleanse your pale skin,

or to even change your grimy bed sheet.


You bear a grudge against yourself,

being delusional by the afflicted curse that has left you in pain.

Like a delicate misanthrope,

lost in the world of pandemonium.


I asked Him if He would just take me instead.

You deserve so much better than being caged, so I am willing to unchain you.

Love knows no bounds or even limits yet it demands sacrifice.

It is complicated to love someone like you, but it will be an everlasting torment if I ever lose you.


Have you ever wondered what its like to live a beautiful life?

You envy people so much, that you started to overlook yourself.

Everyday and every night, I always admire your unbelievable strength to withstand this trial.

A chance that is worth the risk, a chance for the two of us.


I will stay, even if it takes me forever.

I will stay, even if you kept on pushing me away.

I will stay, even if you didn’t say goodbye.

I will stay and wait for you, even if you will never return for me.


Roses somber, and only thorns stayed.

Violets are gray, just like how your skin fades.

The night I last saw your broken smile,

is the time I lost the love of my life.


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