Castle Of Glass

My siblings were ruthlessly murdered,
while my mother hid me, then she slowly disappeared.
Only the crimson blood flooded through the lonely streets,
I got terrified and ran away, struggling to escape the madness.

You warmly took me in to your home without any hesitations.
I was having troubles adjusting because of my trust issues.
Yet, you were very patient and kind.
I doubt, you’re just wasting your time.

You are ridiculous,
but it was fun to be with you.
There was this one time you bought me an annoying chew toy,
so I ended up chewing the couch.

I boisterously howl every five o’ clock on the morning,
mark my territory to every corner of the house,
endlessly chasing the neighbor’s cat,
and ripping off every of your shiny shoes I see.

It was Friday afternoon, I was digging out our neighbor’s yard.
Suddenly, a familiar face came out from a van.
I was unfortunately caught by a dog catcher,
I was beginning to feel fear, it was him. The dogslaughter.

I glared upon to that cruel man. “He’s the one who killed my family.”, I said.
Vengeance, is the only choice.
I engraved my jaw into his neck,
until I catch sight of death within his unholy eyes.

You saw stains of blood, gradually dripping on my muzzle.
You saw the bloodthirsty monster, and I ferociously grumble.
I don’t how to explain, because I cannot speak.
Thus, I am ready to face for my end, now that I am fulfilled.

I stood still, waiting for your castigation.
My life will be a privilege to be taken by you.
A man who befriended a beast,
and a beast who become a faithful companion.

You were mourning for my death, and I felt your bleak tears.
I thank you for giving me freedom,
I am sorry for all of my mischievousness.
I promise that I will always be by your side, Master.

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