Ironically Fixed

One mistake will be forgiven or forgotten. Yet, what if that mistake is solved by another mistake? And, the majority of the people thought that it is the easiest way out of the problem. This is the problem, many of us became heartless and never thinking twice about our decisions in life.

We grow up and we don’t care, without noticing that the people that are closest to our hearts are starting to grow old, waiting for their chapters to end. Selfishness conquered our soul, that is why we always ended up regretting in the end.

You thought that the love of another stranger will give you eternal happiness. You gave your trust together with your flesh, and all that he has left for you is disgust. One mistake is enough, but you decided to murder your little angel. That child knows no sin, his innocence protects him from being part of a devil’s scheme. You were carrying the gift of God, your own sunshine that will give you enlightenment. You denied and chose to play safe. But, did you know that playing safe is much more exposed to a collision course?

You have fallen between cracks, and that is when the malignant beasts tyrannized and molested your breath of life. Insanity spread just like a deadly virus, which immediately sends you to the gallows. You relinquish your own life, hoping that you did the right thing, believing that this will ease the grief that you are feeling. You are blind, your child forgives you, yet you didn’t forgive yourself. One mistake is enough, learn to forgive but never forget. There are many chances to be a better person again, don’t limit your choices.


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