Why Love is close to Hate?

What you feel, is what you want to know from the person you love. No, it isn’t possession. It is knowing the value of that person if he is worth your love. But why is it that you kept on loving him, you love his every bit of imperfection. And why is it that you can’t stop that other feeling, the feeling of valuing yourself more than him, that you should protect your heart, and be cautious about it. I’d rather be on that side though, but am I selfish? I thought love was selfless, because you should prioritize the person you love more than yourself.

For me, it is unfair, life is unfair, love is unfair. I just want to be true in reality, I promised myself that I shouldn’t be dumb enough to fall from those nonsense, or in love. I know that playing safe is much more dangerous, and you should be careful too. Love doesn’t make you dumb, it makes you wise. It always depend on the person, many of us have different perceptions in love, because many of us are destined to find our other half. It wasn’t difficult for me to choose someone I love, in fact I prefer hate instead of love. I hate you, I really hate you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Quite confusing, isn’t it? It makes me save my heart, and I prefer to think with my mind.

I love you, maybe I’m just difficult to be loved back or to be understood. Haven’t you forgotten, I was broken back then. I just want you to be here, if you still want to. It’s okay if you leave, I understand. I guess, I’m not the one for you, and you’re not the one for me. That’s the reality of love, even if it hurts me to accept it, but I must be strong enough and stand on my own feet. Love, makes you choose, whether to be strong or remain stagnant for the rest of your life.

But, why should I hate you, if deep inside of me still craves your undying love.


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