You Are Beautiful

Easy to get, Easy to forget.
Hard to get, Hard to forget.

Know your worth. You are not some kind of toy that was given to a spoiled brat and you are definitely not a toy, you are a lady. Your feelings are true and it deserves to be treated with respect.

You have a loving heart, don’t listen to their envious words, you know yourself better than them and most especially you know what your heart wants, it is love.

You have a beautiful mind, the way you think, the way you create a beautiful world with your creative ideas, the colors inside of you blasts into every direction and that is when you get to stand out from the crowd.

You have charming eyes that sees the truth of beauty, and when someone look at you, your eyes expresses thousands of emotions, words that are unsaid, and a girl who cried for a love that she can never have, yet her eyes still sparkles like the stars at night.

You have soft lips that smiles delightfully even if you faked it, remember this, that no one, as in no one can ever make that smile even more beautiful than you. You have music within you, you have a voice of an angel even if your voice sounds like you have gargled muriatic acid every morning. You know? It is not about how you sing, it is about enjoying the way you express yourself, you have got a jolly sense of humor that makes everybody smile and laugh hysterically.

You have a body that reproduces life from many generations, and that gave the whole world a reason to believe in miracles. Your body have scars? bruises? wrinkles? stretch marks? or lost one leg or one arm or maybe both. Are you not contented with yourself because your fat, skinny, tall, short, or you have a different skin color or have a different hairdo or even the way you dress up yourself is different from the others?

Listen to me, hear me out. My dear, you are unique, that’s why you can’t copy someone’s uniqueness. God created you with a purpose in life. He didn’t created you to be called ugly because He created you to be beautiful. In His eyes it hurts Him to see you cry because you, yourself, you can’t see how beautiful you are. I mean, you have the guts to tell yourself that you have the face of a horse butt. Let me ask you this question, when will you have the guts to start telling yourself that you are beautiful? You don’t have to look in the mirror to determine beauty or criticize yourself, you have to look inside your heart because that’s what matters the most. Learn to love yourself, learn to take care of yourself, learn to be a better person, and be a badass lady with class and awesomeness.

You are beautiful, don’t you ever forget that.


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