Friend or Foe

I am here, please notice me.

Haven’t you heard my clingy voice? or even felt my arms wrapped around yours and pulling you away from your lover. Are you really that insensitive or just naive?

Sometimes I wonder if I am your friend; to listen to, to dream with, to tease each other, or to enlighten one another. But, as I glance beside me, all I can see is the two of you being so lovey dovey, exchanging goo-goo eyes along with caressing each other’s flesh.


Carpe Diem, they all said.

No one can ever cease us back then, laughing hysterically which you almost choke because of the bubblegum that got stuck in your throat, stealing underwears from our crush’s dormitory, and I will never forget that time when I needed some toilet paper due to my tummy’s non-cooperation. So, for the sake of friendship, you whole-heartedly lend me your handkerchief.


Did you forgot? Am I not your friend, or am I just your waiting shed?

You know I hate waiting, since I am short-tempered but for you I will make an exception.

Stop right there, it is unfair. Abusing my patience will not let our friendship grow, thus only ego will sprout like a pesky weed.

Let me clarify to avoid misconception. You are not a foe, you are my friend, my best friend. I am just longing for your presence, is that too much to ask?


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