A Psycho’s Poem

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

I’m here, waiting for you to knock,

enduring the cold nights,

and sailing through hailstorms,

my thoughts lost in the wild,

crying over a thief that stole my heart.


Knock, Knock.

Don’t make me ask, “Who’s there?”

still I won’t stop creating delusions of you here.

Sebastian, Oh my beloved Sebastian,

when will our paths ever cross again,

craving you is my weakness and so is our bitter end.


I’m all locked up,

in the red room of pain,

no pleasure, no coition, no bliss.

I suffer from loneliness,

just like your lustful kiss,

that love doesn’t exist.



I’m a disgrace,

like a magician that fell from his own tricks.

I’m drowning,

like a mermaid that got strangled by gigantic seaweeds.

The door was already open, I’m just too afraid to leave.


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