Never Again

Innocence, I agree in such a thing.

Even your kindness reminds me of spring,

leafy greens and flowers bloom,

it felt like heaven,

saved by an honest angel.


Your skin pure as white,

your eyes shimmers bright,

your lips soft as clouds.

Still, why did the black cat follow?

Did someone stole your halo?


Insecurities create mass destruction,

it sucks out all colors of your imagination,

fear will always test your temptations.

Like how the damsel was killed by hesitations,

and releases the clown of infestations.


Where are you now, my angel?

You seem lost in your own thoughts,

leaving inky dark spots,

with no sign of your golden feathers,

but only the crimson blood painted on the withered heathers.


Empathy, please stop crying.

I wiped away your tears,

then you started smiling.

I think it’s time for me to be your angel.

And, I promise that I will never let anyone hurt you, never again…


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