Mr. A-ddle

Believe me,

we’ll be worth it.

Hold me tight,

promise me you won’t bite,

love me passionately,

as you whisper your words of cajolery.


naway, my dear.

You are not safe here.

Come with me instead,

And, wait for me at the spot where we first kissed.

Leave when they puff the last match,

let’s take the risk of that 50-50 chance.


u are wrong,

I will not hold your hand, but force you to wear shackles.

I will never protect you, so I will turn the tables.

I will stop giving you dandelions, instead I will slit your throat and smash your head.

Why did you believe, when there is nothing to believe on?

Bitch, you are so naive. No wonder you are easy to be played on.



I am sorry, I need to leave your lifeless body.

The screeches of the music devoured my memory,

wait, who are you again? Cindy, Beth, or maybe Tiffany?

Heart beats fast, lethal venom injected in my veins,

dragging me down to the pits of hell, as I disseminate through my sinful flames.


one should settle for less.

Flowers should be adored, not picked up because it is at its best.

Sixes and sevens, don’t be confused by her ravens.

Gaze deeply at her midnight blues, feel the warmth of her summer skies.

The signs of conflict, and the breakage of her blood flow,

blinded by fidelity, she died as his shadow.


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