Misfortunate Fool

The inferno blazes,

uncontrolled changes,

ears folded,

knives sharpened.

Cussing swiftly,

you’re a marionette such a pity.

Pardon me?

you must be a fool to belittle me.


Turn left or right?

Love or Pride?

Spinning spools of confusion,

asking a no-brainer question,

clustered thunders and tornadoes,

guilty of your accusations.

Conquered by stupidity,

selfishness betrayed me.


Regret is the fool’s prize possession,

jinxed by the numbness of your sensation.

Cease it,

before it’s too late to change it.

The gluttony of hate is waiting,

its jaws shouldn’t be feeding.

Don’t fall into its oblivion,

only a fool cherishes this phantom.


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