Third-Wheel Avenue

I’m used to this,
seeing lovers kiss,
holding hands,
adrift trance.
Save me, Romeo.
Juliet feels woe,
Where art thou, Romeo?
Have you forgotten your promised rose?

I take pictures of their memories,
seeing colors of sweet candies.
Still, my vase is empty,
serpent thorns pricked me,
indigos drenched,
stitch my broken edge.
Where art thou, Romeo?
I shouted your name, but only your silence echoes.

I’ve had enough,
its like I’m going to give up,
swirling shards,
don’t come near me, it’ll hit me hard.
The truth is an angry mob,
torches lit up,
don’t come near me,
it’ll instantly burn me.

I realized something,
that love is everything,
bitterness lures the hollow,
that’s how ships sink below.
You know what’s crazy?
fantasizing Romeo as your one and only.
You are no Juliet, get rid of that blue.
You are just stuck in the Third-Wheel Avenue.


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