Let Her Be

Let her be,

let her finish from A to Z.

Don’t push her,

pull up her color,

the beauty of the canvass,

mirrors the painter’s adroitness.


Let her be,

even if she will turn into a beast,

the murderess of every child’s dream,

or the underworld’s queen.

Thorns splatter on the wall,

and ripped off her flesh.

Be warned,

don’t touch the needle on her chest.


Let her be,

don’t you see her creepy?

don’t you feel fear?

don’t you understand her insanity?


Leave her to be free,

a rare butterfly can never be caught by an ordinary net.

Learn to appreciate without caging her happiness.

She’ll be healed by sun kisses,

and reincarnated as the stars gazes on her.

Tears are diamonds,

it should be treasured, not wasted.

You deserve better, be free and hope for the best.


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