Anonymous’ Missing Link

“I am mean,
because I mean what I say.”

Those words that made me smile,
your stories that traveled through thousand miles,
unexpectedly opening my topsy turvy,
without ever being cautious about my safety.
In every war we enter,
only our pen will mark our history forever.

“Change the world!”
I always think that it is difficult to tame the gore,
we are surrounded by a pack of blood-thirsty wolves
craving a piece of your meat to gnaw.
Fear doesn’t exist, so I dare you!
Dive into the deepest floor of the ocean blue,
search for the mystical bandanna,
and open the gateway to nirvana.

A good artist cannot be seen,
they quickly evanesce whenever they got noticed.
You need to find loops that will transcend you to another world,
watch out for the hollows that will thieve you sword,
for they will devour your vision,
don’t let them distract you from your mission.
She might be a peculiar, undressing her disguise.
I think it is time to undress mine.

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