How Duchess Became Deadly…

Once upon a time, there was little Duchess up above in the castle’s murky sky-high, admiring the expressive motion of the clouds while feeding the ravenous crocs with some chicken heads. The little Duchess stood silently, her mind wanders as her curiosity follows. She foresees a prince that will come and save her, but from what? There are no reasons for her to be rescued, yet how come she yearns for such shallowness?

A disgrace indeed, but she handled it gracefully.

A dainty she is, wearing a Sunday dress matched with her pitch-black dutch-braid. She rushed downstairs and ran outside to play with her Cerberus. It gave her a slobbery welcome, a little did she know that someone was creeping up on them.

Little Duchess and her Cerberus went to the enchanted forest. She mischievously skipped through the mud paddles, and chased a hasty dragonfly. Until she stepped on a booby trap, then she cascaded down into the inky depths as her scream echoes and startled the peculiars of the forest.

The Cerberus rushed to save her, but unfortunately Little Duchess was the decoy. When it was trying to pull her up, shards swooshed out of nowhere and struck the eyes of the Cerberus. The shards secrete a lethal poison to kill the life of the hell hound. Little Duchess heard its roaring cry, then she immediately climb up to the surface. She ran towards the carcass of her guardian, forcing it to wake up. Little Duchess’ bleak tears continuously flows on her cheeks like hailstorms that bleed regrets.

A murderess came out, she said, “I should’ve killed that beast years ago, now you are free.”

I asked, “Why did you killed my only friend?”

Then, she replied, “My dear, a friend does not corrupt the mind of a child. You are your own protector.”

Little Duchess saw the murderess as she slowly fades away. She asked her one last time, “But miss, who are you?”

The murderess smirked and replied, “A flower, beautiful though fragile, but I am an exception of being feeble. Deadly as I can be, mirrors the reflection of you and me.”

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