Her Suicidal Cloud

“Is there any chance again?”
She just wants people to listen,
save her from drowning,
you don’t know what she’s facing.
Shallow waters muted you from the truth.
Oh please, don’t be rude!
Don’t be deceive by her imaginary line,
sew the numbers of her fragmented time.

“Is it wrong for me to exist?”
hasty crows devoured her dreams,
rosette thorns barricaded her voice,
deep ropes hanged her words.
A black sheep that was once in a herd,
judged, weakened, and always compared.
Timber wolves should give you the fright,
but why did the black sheep felt more insecure with its own kind?

“Is it okay if I say goodbye one last time?”
the grim reaper heard the chime,
she threw away her mother’s glass slippers,
and scorch the throne of her father’s pillars.
Bridges have torn down,
there is no escaping now.
Seduced by the darkest symphony,
desperate for the taste of the temporary.

Don’t even dare!
I know that life is unfair,
and I am here throughout your journey,
please don’t overthink, sweetie.
I know that people come and go,
but if you leave I’ll be the next to take off.
Take my hand,
and we’ll face this together ’til the end.

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