Lea was,
playing with barbie dolls,
one for her and another one for her best friend,
She was starstruck with her beauty, “Will I wait for eternity or just my miserable end?”
Lea took by force, the doll that was hers,
this is the time to shatter the witch’s curse.
She grabbed her collar,
and kissed the flames of barriers.

Gabriel was,
imprisoned of his past,
traumatized with the fist of the iron hand,
searching for answers in the pandemonium of his beautiful mind.
A stranger trespassed his bastille,
carrying a knitted basket of sunflowers, chocolates, and a clumsy poetry.
Her wrinkly smile and soft feathered words,
cease the tears of his closing doors.

Billy was,
sitting inside a bus,
feeling the breeze of the untamed wind.
a lovely couple entered and all of a sudden his girlfriend gave Billy a flirty wink,
Her boyfriend caught her mischievous act, into thinking that he was hitting on her.
He glared at him from head to toe, and talk with his girlfriend about the guy with the glasses blurred.
The bus reached their stop and left a note that the lady pinned on the grimy seat.
As he opened the note there were two contact numbers written; the jock and the lady.

Trisha was,
gazing at the stars,
milky blankets conquered her body,
her pale lips kissed the sinner’s serenity.
She fathom their two-way street,
this will be the last bullet to aim for the Eiffel bridge.
“Lea, If I’ll be the man of your dreams,
will you give me another kiss?”


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