Just Smile.

I wonder if smiling really stitches your face? Does it hurt?

I was at the balcony, observing kids play. I was a little duchess back then, prohibited to leave my fortress.

As I recalled, they were all running and having fun. How about me? I was jealous, it was suffocating me. I tightly hugged Teddy to cover up the saddest beat of my lonely heart. I sighed heavily and continues looking at the kids.

That mischievous kid was running so fast that he fell on the ground, and cried. He had bruises on his knee, arm, and cheeks. It was a disaster, all of them were laughing at him. I didn’t know what to do, shall I run and approach him to treat his wounds? I was having second thoughts while the patient is dying of embarrassment. I was afraid that I might face the same fate as him, to be a laughing stock.

Until, someone finally approached him. All of the kids were shut silent, and eyes as big as the owl’s. The mischievous kid stopped crying, and his eyes glisten to that person. A smile that saved him from misery, he was thankful of that miracle and was instantly healed. The angel lend a hand, then wiped away his tears. They went back inside the house, with that kid having that exact smile as his mother.

In my opinion, it was no disease or virus, it doesn’t need any stitches to force you to smile. It is by paying it forward, a movement that spreads love and kindness.

The time when the mother came, she didn’t yell on her son or the other kids that made fun of him. She silently showed them what is right, and later on taught them that what they did was wrong.

The next day, I went back up at the balcony to see the changes. The kids were sharing snacks, less roughness in playing, and even some other news kids showed up to come and play with them.

It was beautiful and it gave me hope to socialize with them. My uncles let me play with them, and it changed my life forever. I was cheerful, skittish, talkative, and extremely loud. It was so awesome, the feeling was infinite.

You know, I think it would be great if you took the first step to change the world little by little. Small things lead to bigger goals, don’t miss that opportunity to be an inspiration to others. You might change their life.


Panoramic Sailor

“A kraken’s weakness is not the captains’s spear, instead it is the sailor’s mellow strings.”

Kindness is not something that you can just give, like a flower that needs to be gently handled and taken care for. I don’t believe to the people with identical mirrors, you see only yourself as the point of view of your own reflection. My haven is to the people with blurry skies and hail storm stars. They are real, they expressed freely about everything, they paint stories of their own histories, they run with no clothes but they are covered with kindness.

Somehow guilt is what they felt, they hesitate with their decisions and thought of giving up was their best options. Just shrug it off, because you’ll realize that time fly so fast that you ended up on your death bed with cursed regrets.

Hunt for your own treasure, and make sure that you won’t be obsessed with diamonds or golds but rather cherish the adventure you have learned, cried on, fought for, and survived with. Fill up the map of your heart and soul, since this is something that will never grow old.

Close your illusions, let the beast awaken its slumber. Expose the convict that betrayed your truce of honor. You are not just a human being, you exist with a bestowed promise of your destiny.

Quick advice, always think wisely. The sailor didn’t defeated the kraken because of anger and revenge, he defeated it with a sweet lullaby.

Silky Glaze

I am alive, I exist and I breathe. Sadly, I am just a figment of your imagination, or a ghost that remained to be a mystery, or maybe a myth that was once told but never to be believed by anybody. It was easy to stay still and not move a muscle, but the difficulty of not getting noticed was just too much for me. Silence strangled my symphonic tune, I have never felt so voiceless in my entire life.

My melancholic winter nights, I cling at the ceiling to find the squids of the sky. Such an odd-looking stars, they were swaying and swinging through the milky way. As I observed, the other one was outcasted from the stars; it was not swaying, swinging or even glistening because it doesn’t know how. It only knows how to create the milky way, it was rarely gifted thus only this squid exist to be the one to give meaning and purpose to everybody living in that universe. How lonely, wasn’t it? It felt like you are the last one of your kind.

Accepting your fate is not an option, because you have a choice to change it. You have the pen to compass your spirit, so grab a paper to landscape your landmarks. You should never let yourself be stuck on that blank page, so get to work and finish your goal because nobody can do this way better than you! You have a purpose and that is to be someone’s purpose to live and be happy everyday. Be an inspiration, save a life!

Beelzebub’s Pledge

A nocturnal creature, armored with needles and lethal thorns yet underneath its judgment, you will feel the angel’s silky feathers with a warm porridge of love. Its crimson eyes dwells through your future, you cannot lie, betray, or mock. But instead, show your true form and open your heart to its piercing pins. Trust with patience is the key to acquire such despicable yet an elegant monster.

Its curiosity will be your advantage in taming this malignant beast, just let it feel that you have good intentions when you are within its territory. It actually sense your anxiousness which will surely interfere with its drive to murder and shred your flesh in a blink of an eye. So, be cautious and don’t let your guard down because you might lose your pitiful hands.

The tricky part of giving it some grub was picking the right choice of its favorites, which is really rare to find. Specifically, the virgin apple of cleopatra located at the peak of the last centennial tree and a sunny tropical fruit from the parallel universe. Befriending this beast will never be easy, it needs dedication, commitment, and … probably prayers.

Once we have a chance, we discover that hope exists. Once you have tamed this odd creature, it will pledge its whole life to save you from your shortcomings and protect you from bad spirits. Now, I have witnessed both of its heaven and hell, it was really admiring, no doubt. The bond between us was immeasurable, fate brought us to the beginning but immortality molded us until the end.

Epithet: Beelzebub the Hedgehog
Mutation: Albino Abomination
Genesis: September 28, 2016
Hobby: Rip off its victim’s flesh

Shuttered Gumballs

“They saved me today, but I forgot who they were.”

As I look at the endless waves of the lighthouse, a serpent came up to me and stole my vision. I cannot see anything, it was so dark and cold. Could it be? Am I looking inside the chamber of my heart? I am lost, and I pity myself for this.

A beautiful rose, why did you bloomed even if you don’t have enough time to be alive? You are so brave of taking risks, yet being withered explained that you have lived to the fullest.

Beware, not all angels go to heaven. It is because they are more than angels, they are warriors. Funny though, they are just jellyfishes with shells.

I guess, I was so ridiculous on picking up a cactus with my barehands but I don’t care if it hurts. Befriending uniqueness will be your big step on facing your own devils, maybe you’ll win its bet this time, cross fingers please.

“While it was dragging me into the inky depths, I heard voices of ricochet. It snapped me out, my mind was only hypnotized by the illusion that was created by the serpent. Now, I faced reality.”

A wide smile, with their echoing giggles. Positive viruses conquered war, as if it was the sunflowers’ rays to attract fortune cookies. I can’t seem to ignore, or change my old watch because with the wrong move will change the way you foresee things. Sometimes I ask myself, will it be better if I just forget about how it pictures your view points?

I don’t remember anything, and I don’t even understand what I am trying to say. I only see codes within my words, its a cliché gumball. There are things in life that doesn’t mean anything, but there will always be persons to save you from trouble and pay forward the true definition of life.

19th Stepping Stone

Birthdays, these are the countdown of our death.

Why aren’t we realizing this fact? Is it because we are blinded by the gifts, heart-attacking surprises, or chocolatey cakes?

Anyway, when I was a little girl, I am always excited with my Birthday. My wishes and desires on having an adorable puppy was consistent every year. Now, my wish has been granted, so what else do I want to satisfy myself? Selfishness or Innocence?

You know? Something creeps me out, and it bothers me a lot. From the past few days before my birthday, my mind created a chaos. I overthink about things that matters to me the most, I tried to ignore it but it won’t go away. So what is that? or maybe.. who? Show yourself, I am not afraid!

I can’t get rid of my system the confusing pressure that I’ve been going through. Every night was a disaster, and it was more than a nightmare. It was like a suicidal thought, they started whispering negative knives. All I can do was squeezing my pillow tightly, to allow myself in releasing its unwanted omen. Help me! Help me! I think I made a big mistake.

This maybe childish but for me to get out of this horrific maze was to engage myself with a living being. I can feel that my luck had been weakened by the hollows, so I need to balance that Yin and Yang itself. It is for me survive, and to be happy. Clues: Needles, Cotton Candies, & a Baseball.

Now, I am a grown lady.

All I ever wished was to have a strong bond with my family and friends.
All I ever wished was for my brother’s autism will be long gone forever.
All I ever wished was to have an endless of wishes, if my other wishes failed to cooperate with me.

Stop asking for more, because it will never be enough to fill that empty heart. 

Life is short, so don’t ever count. 

Follow your zing, let life take you to your greatest adventure and be blessed of what it brings.