Shuttered Gumballs

“They saved me today, but I forgot who they were.”

As I look at the endless waves of the lighthouse, a serpent came up to me and stole my vision. I cannot see anything, it was so dark and cold. Could it be? Am I looking inside the chamber of my heart? I am lost, and I pity myself for this.

A beautiful rose, why did you bloomed even if you don’t have enough time to be alive? You are so brave of taking risks, yet being withered explained that you have lived to the fullest.

Beware, not all angels go to heaven. It is because they are more than angels, they are warriors. Funny though, they are just jellyfishes with shells.

I guess, I was so ridiculous on picking up a cactus with my barehands but I don’t care if it hurts. Befriending uniqueness will be your big step on facing your own devils, maybe you’ll win its bet this time, cross fingers please.

“While it was dragging me into the inky depths, I heard voices of ricochet. It snapped me out, my mind was only hypnotized by the illusion that was created by the serpent. Now, I faced reality.”

A wide smile, with their echoing giggles. Positive viruses conquered war, as if it was the sunflowers’ rays to attract fortune cookies. I can’t seem to ignore, or change my old watch because with the wrong move will change the way you foresee things. Sometimes I ask myself, will it be better if I just forget about how it pictures your view points?

I don’t remember anything, and I don’t even understand what I am trying to say. I only see codes within my words, its a cliché gumball. There are things in life that doesn’t mean anything, but there will always be persons to save you from trouble and pay forward the true definition of life.

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