Beelzebub’s Pledge

A nocturnal creature, armored with needles and lethal thorns yet underneath its judgment, you will feel the angel’s silky feathers with a warm porridge of love. Its crimson eyes dwells through your future, you cannot lie, betray, or mock. But instead, show your true form and open your heart to its piercing pins. Trust with patience is the key to acquire such despicable yet an elegant monster.

Its curiosity will be your advantage in taming this malignant beast, just let it feel that you have good intentions when you are within its territory. It actually sense your anxiousness which will surely interfere with its drive to murder and shred your flesh in a blink of an eye. So, be cautious and don’t let your guard down because you might lose your pitiful hands.

The tricky part of giving it some grub was picking the right choice of its favorites, which is really rare to find. Specifically, the virgin apple of cleopatra located at the peak of the last centennial tree and a sunny tropical fruit from the parallel universe. Befriending this beast will never be easy, it needs dedication, commitment, and … probably prayers.

Once we have a chance, we discover that hope exists. Once you have tamed this odd creature, it will pledge its whole life to save you from your shortcomings and protect you from bad spirits. Now, I have witnessed both of its heaven and hell, it was really admiring, no doubt. The bond between us was immeasurable, fate brought us to the beginning but immortality molded us until the end.

Epithet: Beelzebub the Hedgehog
Mutation: Albino Abomination
Genesis: September 28, 2016
Hobby: Rip off its victim’s flesh

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