Silky Glaze

I am alive, I exist and I breathe. Sadly, I am just a figment of your imagination, or a ghost that remained to be a mystery, or maybe a myth that was once told but never to be believed by anybody. It was easy to stay still and not move a muscle, but the difficulty of not getting noticed was just too much for me. Silence strangled my symphonic tune, I have never felt so voiceless in my entire life.

My melancholic winter nights, I cling at the ceiling to find the squids of the sky. Such an odd-looking stars, they were swaying and swinging through the milky way. As I observed, the other one was outcasted from the stars; it was not swaying, swinging or even glistening because it doesn’t know how. It only knows how to create the milky way, it was rarely gifted thus only this squid exist to be the one to give meaning and purpose to everybody living in that universe. How lonely, wasn’t it? It felt like you are the last one of your kind.

Accepting your fate is not an option, because you have a choice to change it. You have the pen to compass your spirit, so grab a paper to landscape your landmarks. You should never let yourself be stuck on that blank page, so get to work and finish your goal because nobody can do this way better than you! You have a purpose and that is to be someone’s purpose to live and be happy everyday. Be an inspiration, save a life!

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