Panoramic Sailor

“A kraken’s weakness is not the captains’s spear, instead it is the sailor’s mellow strings.”

Kindness is not something that you can just give, like a flower that needs to be gently handled and taken care for. I don’t believe to the people with identical mirrors, you see only yourself as the point of view of your own reflection. My haven is to the people with blurry skies and hail storm stars. They are real, they expressed freely about everything, they paint stories of their own histories, they run with no clothes but they are covered with kindness.

Somehow guilt is what they felt, they hesitate with their decisions and thought of giving up was their best options. Just shrug it off, because you’ll realize that time fly so fast that you ended up on your death bed with cursed regrets.

Hunt for your own treasure, and make sure that you won’t be obsessed with diamonds or golds but rather cherish the adventure you have learned, cried on, fought for, and survived with. Fill up the map of your heart and soul, since this is something that will never grow old.

Close your illusions, let the beast awaken its slumber. Expose the convict that betrayed your truce of honor. You are not just a human being, you exist with a bestowed promise of your destiny.

Quick advice, always think wisely. The sailor didn’t defeated the kraken because of anger and revenge, he defeated it with a sweet lullaby.


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