Just Smile.

I wonder if smiling really stitches your face? Does it hurt?

I was at the balcony, observing kids play. I was a little duchess back then, prohibited to leave my fortress.

As I recalled, they were all running and having fun. How about me? I was jealous, it was suffocating me. I tightly hugged Teddy to cover up the saddest beat of my lonely heart. I sighed heavily and continues looking at the kids.

That mischievous kid was running so fast that he fell on the ground, and cried. He had bruises on his knee, arm, and cheeks. It was a disaster, all of them were laughing at him. I didn’t know what to do, shall I run and approach him to treat his wounds? I was having second thoughts while the patient is dying of embarrassment. I was afraid that I might face the same fate as him, to be a laughing stock.

Until, someone finally approached him. All of the kids were shut silent, and eyes as big as the owl’s. The mischievous kid stopped crying, and his eyes glisten to that person. A smile that saved him from misery, he was thankful of that miracle and was instantly healed. The angel lend a hand, then wiped away his tears. They went back inside the house, with that kid having that exact smile as his mother.

In my opinion, it was no disease or virus, it doesn’t need any stitches to force you to smile. It is by paying it forward, a movement that spreads love and kindness.

The time when the mother came, she didn’t yell on her son or the other kids that made fun of him. She silently showed them what is right, and later on taught them that what they did was wrong.

The next day, I went back up at the balcony to see the changes. The kids were sharing snacks, less roughness in playing, and even some other news kids showed up to come and play with them.

It was beautiful and it gave me hope to socialize with them. My uncles let me play with them, and it changed my life forever. I was cheerful, skittish, talkative, and extremely loud. It was so awesome, the feeling was infinite.

You know, I think it would be great if you took the first step to change the world little by little. Small things lead to bigger goals, don’t miss that opportunity to be an inspiration to others. You might change their life.


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