Morbid Unicorns

The beauty behind the madness,
breached her own dreams and promises,
for somebody,
who is just a nobody.
That dreary night,
she swore to bite,
and rip the neck
of the woeful brunet.

Imprisoned in the heavens of Lucifer,
the gargoyles mercilessly gnaw her.
She was out of breathe
nearing for her death.
A flock of ravens,
unshackled her from wretchedness.
She signed another contract,
it’s time for a pay back.

Her flames will no longer turn into ashes,
her wit will forever lit the matches.
The tongue-tied myth,
don’t ever trust anyone with
pearly whites,
and fancy ties.
They might be holding a knife,
and may steal your life.

Build your army,
flare up like it’s World War III.
Cut your crown,
and promise me that you’ll never frown.
Let your colors whirl,
as if you’re the most beautiful girl.
Write your own story,
not with a pen, but with bravery.


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