Panda Coach

A bundle of cubs,
loved strawberry pies and peanuts,
hypnotized by its promised nirvana.
Oh, such a delusional aroma!
A skinny vulture,
desperate to slaughter,
like a thief of life.
Oh, such a bitter strife!

Shunned by its fellow,
this will be their last ‘Hello’.
Breathing dead air,
innocent hearts can’t even bear.
Time stops,
it grabbed the head of a baby fox.
Torn by greediness,
violent hues flowed restless.

They can’t run away from their fate,
this is nature’s way that I hate.
Its hopeless screech,
begging from your reach.
Its sudden end,
made me curse my bed.
What’s the point of wishing?
If it can’t be answered by praying.

Nobody wants an unlucky omen,
yet the vulture had a reason.
Destined to live or die,
willing to give up or try.
Press rewind,
learn to unwind.
Press play,
and don’t even dare to stay.


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