His Silent Graveyard

The gods gave birth to a lonely coal, his heart was dreary and cursed. It was made with fire.

He was a defect and they claimed that he should’ve never existed. The emotions that everyone experiences was normal, but the coal was too different from being normal. The burst of his warmth sensation was misunderstood. He only giggled for just seconds, and everybody were running in circles. They were screaming for help as if there was a dragon out loose that was beginning to throw flames and feast on every living being.

He caused so much trouble, his happiness didn’t mean any harm to anyone. The superiors shunned him and the coal made a pledge to never ever show any emotions again.

He traveled alone, roaming millions of years, carrying the frown of the old Grinch. Although, everything changed when he met Ember. She was clumsy and predictable. She owns a pet rock. She loved the smell of pinecones and she was bright as summer. She was like him back then, happy-go-lucky, naive, and a defect.

He wanted to protect her, but it was too late. She was a dying fire, her destiny was to live and fade away. The coal was stubborn, he didn’t want anything to get in his way. The tenacity in his eyes and the flames of his heart started to crumble.

He screamed to the gray skies, pleading and begging to hear his selfless wish. The gods made a deal with the coal, in exchange for his blazing heart.

Ember returned to her realm. She saw the coal, he was cold and fragile. It wasn’t that possible, but the coal smiled back to Ember. The winds whispered, “It’s time to go.”

The coal turned into ashes, and flew freely to the heavens.


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