Dead Man’s Whirlpool

There were three brothers that lived in the sea; The Noble Stingray, The Grumpy Shark, and The Wee Stonefish.

The Stingray was not just friendly with its own kind, but it also has close contact with native divers. It was known for being the tribe’s totem, and believed that it carried the heart and soul of the ocean.

The Shark was the complete opposite of the Stingray. It was feared by every sea creature, even humans. It swims, it tracks, it hunts and without any second thoughts it aims to kill.

Lastly, the Stonefish was cursed to never return and live in the inky depths of the ocean floors for eternity. Guilt invaded like parasites that munch its flesh little by little. Its brother ‘The Stingray’ was teaching Stonefish in the surface on how to get along with the young divers. They all ran so fast that one boy accidentally stepped on one of the Stonefish’s arsenal. That incident haunted its mind, until now. It wasn’t murder, yet it was a bloody gateway.

The blue ocean was born with eyes and ears. Those three were observed by the way they interpret nature and how they treat creatures from above and below. Their grandfather, half-human and half-fish, he called himself “The Mystical Barracuda”. He follows them with the use of the pieces of his shadows that can shape-shift into anything. Its dark ruby eyes were a deadly manipulation to any creature because they will immediately turn them as one of Barracuda’s shadow.

The Barracuda summoned the three of them and made a proposition that whoever went through the Dead Man’s Whirlpool alive will be granted one wish, anything that they desire.

The Shark took the first move because he is confident and strong enough to withstand the dizzy spins of the Dead Man’s Whirlpool. The Shark was a show-off, insecure, and jealous. It wants to beat its eldest brother “The Stingray”, all seems well when he was swimming fast. However, when it got to the middle a dark omen sucked it inside the black hole. The Shark was nowhere to be found and the Barracuda was disappointed.

The Stingray whispered to the Stonefish that if it stole the dark ruby of the Barracuda’s shadow. The Barracuda will not see anything and automatically the whirlpool will slow down, so the Stonefish will have the chance to have his wish granted and that is to be free.

The Stonefish successfully stole the dark ruby eyes from the Barracuda’s shadow and it immediately swam through. Until, the Stonefish turned as one of Barracuda’s shadow. The shadow went back to the Barracuda to return his stolen dark ruby eyes, while the Stingray swiftly swam through the Dead Man’s Whirlpool.

The Barracuda gave his word and granted his wish.

The Stingray wished that, “I wish is for you to be my slave and will do as I say.”

The Barracuda didn’t decline the wish, and accepted his fate to be a loyal servant for his two-faced master.



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