Jollibee’s Breakdown

Tagpuan. In a crowded store, a mother was picking up some stuff with her son. When, suddenly the boy ran to the toy section since he spotted an action figure, his mother just let him check it out. So, when the boy was happy with the toy he decided to let his mother know, unfortunately he skipped a heartbeat since he can’t find his mom. The boy kept calling out his mom, running towards random people. He was shaking out of fear, crying as if his mother left the store without him. Thus, he sat down on the stairs to think about what his mother always say, “Look for the place that we’ve talked about.” He wiped off his tears and went outside of the store to go to Jollibee. He hugged the statue of Jollibee then the Jollibee staff saw him, then they invited him inside. At the end, the mother found him happily eating a piece of chickenjoy.

I remembered the last time when I was young, when I excitedly told my mother that I want to buy goldfishes in a pet store. I was so thrilled to go to the pet store, then suddenly I hold a strangers hand. And, my eyes widened when it was not my mom. I saw her 5 feet away from me, and she was observing my reaction. She said I should not be careless whenever I’m in a public place, and I must be aware at all times because the world isn’t safe for someone who just wanders off.

Entrance Exam. A wall full of achievements and noble diplomas, the father visualized his son to be as successful as him. He checked his report card and advised him that next time he should not earn any line of eight, but a line of nine. The father even pushed him to the limits to be more competitive in his game, also marking a goal that he must study hard to have a worthy life and future. The son took his entrance exam from a prestigious university, after that he checked his name if he passed the exam. Sadly, he got disappointed with the results. His parents went to Jollibee to know the big news, but the father felt his negative aura and saw the crumpled on the hand of his son, it was his diploma. He finally told the news that he didn’t passed the exam, the father hold his hand and said, “Naging mabuti kang anak, walang araw na hindi ako nagging proud sa’yo.”


It is way worse than a heartbreak to fail your parents’ expectations, they saw that you had worked hard to finish what you started. And, they believed with that tenacity and willingness to complete your journey, they are there to guide you until the end. You might fail, fall from your way up, or even if your fighting spirit fades off, you must always remember that they are always proud of you, no matter what situation you are into.


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