Tell Your Tales


TEDxDiliman – Patricia Evangelista – Why We Tell Stories


“It took a long time for me to understand that if you tell stories it doesn’t mean that the world will change.”

They said that you should always grab a paper and a pen. Write about something that captured your interest, or release your emotions with just words. However, these are all the basics that will stabilize your concretes to build a tall and sturdy tower. The difficult part of being a writer is that even if you bleed ink from your eyes, and eat thousands of books everyday just to fill up your body with it. The world will give you a reason to cut off your hands and stop you from spreading your beliefs. Actually, that’s the best part of being a writer. You are molded to be passionate, be driven with the beauty of words. It doesn’t matter whether your changed the world with your writings, what matters the most is that you shared your gift to the world.


“I thought the inside of every man was good that all you had to do is to call it out, to say something was wrong and suddenly a ranging battalion of angels come down and fight the enemy.”

You should always learn to close your story book, and open your eyes from the reality that is happening in front of you. You can’t just command to the heavens that all the bad people must be destroyed, so all the good people will live harmoniously on Earth. That is impossible and pathetic to happen in just a snap. When you grow older, you’ll discover what is the true meaning of being good and the reason why people are being bad. Every characters that exist are raw and naked, they are unpredictable so be cautious at all times.


“People don’t do anything because they weren’t there and they don’t have the imagination to put themselves in a place of everyone else.”

That is true, people depend on what they see with their very own eyes. If a child saw his father beating his mother to death, and ran to the police station just to report his father’s abusive behavior. The police will think that the child was just joking around, and they will escort him back home. A few days later, the news came up that a woman and her child were shot dead by his husband, and he also committed suicide after the horrendous incident. The police had identified the child that they escorted back home. They were all silenced and regretted that they should’ve listened to that child.


“Every time I close my eyes this is what I saw. I saw a black hole, I saw a body dropping at my feet and then I stepped back.”

The thing is when you’re young, then suddenly you experienced something that will undress your innocence and exaggeratedly increase your blood flow. It felt like you’re desperately trying to survive inside a coffin that was deeply buried ten feet below out of nowhere. Experiences are great teachers, but all the lessons that were learned always depend with the students on how they will apply everything in real life.


“The reason I tell this story again and again is because I cannot forgot, and because sometimes I’m afraid I will.”

I used to remember when my grandfather was telling stories of how he manages to stop the train from crashing. I didn’t actually believed it, but it was exciting to hear him tell his tales. I just realized that when you’re still young, it is a requirement to mark your own history so that people will never forget about you. Time flies so fast that you need people to continue your legacy. A human life is limited, but our stories are eternal.



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